IraSME Project “Rhinodiagnost”

A meaningful rhinological diagnosis is key to evaluate the eff ectiveness of the patient-speci fic nasal functionalities, taking into account the respective pathology. The diagnostic quality is currently primarily based on the quality of the training of the practicing physician and his or her experience in the treatment of speci fic clinical pictures. Unfortunately, such analyses do not include any information on the respiratory comfort of a patient de fined by the fluid mechanical properties of respiration. However, current developments in the fi eld of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and high performance computing (HPC) allow to patient-individually predict the flow in the human nasal cavity by means of numerical simulations, and thereby enable to identify anatomical locations of pathologies.

In order to improve this situation, the implementation of a NOSE Service Center (NSC) is to be prepared within this project, off ering extended possibilities of functional diagnostics, and providing a network of service points.

Rhinodiagnost started on September 1, 2017 and will end after three years in August 2020.

Download the Rhinodiagnost Project Flyer