ERS 2021


Congress of the European Rhinologic Society in collaboration with ISIAN and IRS

Thessaloniki Concert Hall (GR)

Philharmonie von Thessaloniki, 25ης Μαρτίου &, Thessaloniki 546 46

With Rhinodiagnost Participation

The 2018 ERS congress in London was an enormous success with more than 1800 delegates from 86 countries in attendance. ERS 2020 in Thessaloniki will build on this success with even more on offer to delegates thanks to the enriching and inspiring scientific program from rhinologists, ENT surgeons, allergists, immunologists, skull base surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, allergists, primary care physicians, scientists and allied health professionals. The world-leading ERS rhinology congress is known for delivering engaging sessions by internationally-renowned experts. The goal of the event is to promote the exchange of ideas and information between colleagues and specialists from all over the world.

Our research partner Prof. DDr. Klaus Vogt gave the following presentations at ERS2021:

3D-printed models of the nasal cavity as extended preoperative anatomical and functional information
Critical evaluation of mathematical formulas describing the nasal air stream by air flow simulation and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
Psychophysiology of nasal breathing: determination of the just noticeable difference
Statistical investigations about the repeatability and reproducibility of a 4-phase-rhinomanometer and PNIF
SNIFFING – a parafunction of the Nose History-future-Medical aspects
Elastometry of the lateral nasal wall